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My Favicon Isn’t Showing

Check the Dimensions of the Image

Favicon images should be size to 40×40 pixel image saved in either a png or jpeg format.

Clear Your Cache

If your changes don’t appear immediately your web browser may be displaying a cached version of your site. Follow your browser’s in instructions to clear your cache to view changes.

Reload the Favicon Image

First Time Adding a Favicon to this Site (Brand New Sites)

If this site has never had a favicon loaded under any previous theme, then revisit the steps in this article:

Site With a Previous Favicon

If your favicon was uploaded prior to Acabado there could be lingering code from from your past theme settings that is conflicting. Follow these steps to correct the issue to reload the favicon in Acabado

1: In your WordPress Dashboard, go Appearance > Themes and activate you old theme.

2: Remove your favicon depending on your previous theme settings. For most WordPress free themes, go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity and remove the favicon.

3: Go to Appearance > Themes and click “Activate” on the Acabado theme.

4: Go to Acabado Settings and add you image under “Favicon”. Then click UPDATE on the far right.

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