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One Click Demo Import

Aug 2021 – Note: The current version of One Click Demo does not appear to be compatible with Acabado. We have received several reports of media content errors or features not loading. We currently recommend you do NOT use the Demo Import plugin and manually set up your homepage instead.

The One Click Demo Import option allows users to utilize a plugin to import the standard setup features of Acabado. The process is super simple, but involves downloading a plugin to your site temporarily. During setup the plugin will also create some dummy pages and content which will need to be deleted later. We recommend using One Click Demo Import if you have a new site or are new to using WordPress themes.

You may choose to skip the One Click Demo Import and setup Acabado manually by following this tutorial:
Setting Up the Home Page

Using One Click Demo Import

Step 1: Install the One Click Demo Import plugin

On your Word Press Dashboard, go to Plugins. You may see a prompt recommending this plugin. If not you can search for the plugin in the by clicking “Add New”.

Once you’ve found the plugin click “Install Now”. Then go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click “Activate” under One Click Demo Import.

Step 2: Import Demo Data

Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data.

Then click “Import Demo Data” and wait for it to finish.

And that’s it!

Step 3: Remove Demo Content & Disable Plugin

You are now set-up to use Acabado. You’ll want to go in to your site and find and remove the demo content. Remove the dummy posts. Type in your site information over the place holders.

You can also disable the One Click Demo Import plugin. It is no longer necessary. In fact, it is good practice to deactivate any plugins you are not using as every plugin is an invitation into your site.

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