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Deletion Failed Error Message

I received this error message when trying to delete plug-ins from my site:

High-five for clearing out unnecessary plugins! If you’ve encountered this error message, don’t give up. Instead, check the following:

1: De-activate First

You cannot delete a plug-in or theme while it is active. Make sure you de-activate the plugin and then try to delete it.

2: Old Theme?

Occasionally a plugin loaded under a previous theme will contain lingering code or data that prohibits you from deleting it after you’ve changed themes. Load previous theme by going to Appearance > Themes and then try deleting the plug-in. Once you’re done just re-active Acabado. All your settings will have remained intact.

3: Try Again Later

Sometimes servers just get jammed up. If you experience this error more than once, you may try leaving it for a day and trying again.

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