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Hero Image Not Appearing

My Hero Image is not appearing on my home page even though I checked the box and uploaded it in the settings.

It may be helpful to review the information on Adding a Hero Image to your site. You should also check the following:

Check Your Image Dimensions

Make sure the image you uploaded is 1200 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. Let Short Pixel do the compressing.

In your Short pixel settings and set the “Resize Large Images ” setting to at least 1200px wide and 1024px tall. Do the same thing in the Resize Image After Upload plugin settings if you’re using that plugin too.

Now, go to your media library and in the upper left, switch to list view. Find your hero image, click on the 3-line hamburger menu icon on the far right of that image, and select “Restore Backup”. If image sizing was the issue preventing your hero image from showing up, this will resolve the issue.

Fill All Hero Section Data

After checking the box to “Display Hero Section” verify that you have data in ALL of the Hero fields. If you do not want Hero Copy you can just press the space bar in this field.

Check for Conflicts

Conflicts with a plugin can also make your images do weird things. Check for potential conflicts and review this article: Logo or Images Are Not Appearing

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