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Full Hero Image Not Showing on Mobile

My full Hero Image does not appear correctly on mobile. It is only showing a portion of the image. How can I fix this so the full image shows?

On mobile, Acabado zooms in to about the middle ⅓ of the image.  This is to prevent the image from having to scale down so far that it would look very short and hard to view.  The text and button would end up much smaller and unusable as well.  To make the mobile experience better, we zoom in to the center of the image.  I recommend selecting an image for this location that looks good when zoomed in to the middle.  If you want the image to scale down, as requested, you’ll have to use custom CSS.

Please note: Any theme updates using CSS are to be done at the discretion of the individual user. Income School is not responsible for troubleshooting or assisting in any issues created by the use of CSS customizations on your theme.

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