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Pagination on Posts

I want to add pagination to my posts so that I can split up the content rather than having one long post. How can I do this?

We didn’t design Acabado with this functionality which is why there isn’t a button for this.  We just put everything on one page.  If it’s exceptionally long, you might consider adding a table of contents, but as long as you just format the content well with good subheadings, we find that long pages do really well. Pagination is not a feature we ever use. You may be able to add this ability with a plugin or with custom CSS.

If this is a feature you would like us to consider for Acabado in the future, feel free to fill out a feature request.

Please note: Any theme updates using CSS are to be done at the discretion of the individual user. Income School is not responsible for troubleshooting or assisting in any issues created by the use of CSS customizations on your theme.

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