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Ad Placement and Layout

How Do I Place Ads in Acabado?

If you’re using an ad broker like Ezoic, Mediavine, or Adthrive they’ll place the ads for you. If not, you can use an ad inserter plugin or place ad code manually like you would on any other theme.

Is There an Ad Network You Recommend to Use with Acabado?

Acabado will work with most major ad networks. Once your site is ready we recommend Adthrive, Mediavine, or Ezoic. Until then we currently suggest either Adsense ads using the theme built-in ad placements and the ad insert plugin or using the ad inserted plugin.

I Already Have Ads Set Up On My Site. Will the Ads Function Immediately When I Switch to Acabado?

When you switch themes, you’ll need to reach out to your ad broker account manager to update your ad settings.  At first, you may see some abnormal ad placements and behavior, but they will be able to update your ad settings quickly.

Can I Add Sticky Ads to My Site?

Sticky ads aren’t a function available within Acabado.  Ad brokers like Mediavine & Adthrive can configure this.  The ad blocks built into Acabado aren’t currently sticky.

Can Acabado Stop Adblockers From Blocking My Ads?

There are no settings within Acabado to circumvent ad blockers. Even ads with premium ad brokers get blocked by adblockers.

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