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Activating Your Acabado License

Prior to this step you should have downloaded and installed Acabado on your WordPress site. If not you can go back and review the steps in this tutorial. Activating your license in Acabado is super simple.

Add Your License to Acabado

Go to Acabado Manager on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard. Then in the box provided type in the email address used to purchase your Acabado license. Then click “Activate”.

The system will ping our server and verify your license is valid. This usually happens instantly but depending on your host may take up to 24 hours. Once your license is activated it should looks like this.

And that’s it! Easy Peasy.

If this is a new Acabado install, there are 3 more things you’ll want to set up right away. Check out these tutorials to finish off your setup.

  1. Image Optimization
  2. Connecting Google Analytics
  3. Setting Up the Homepage

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