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Creating Post Categories

Creating categories for your post content is a great way to organize your information and create a better user experience. These categorize can later be used in your menu or as featured tiles on your Acabado homepage.

Start by going to Posts > Categories in your WordPress dashboard.

Fill out the category information and click “Add New Category”.
Name: This is your category name. It will appear as the title for the category.
Slug: Designate a slug for the category.
Parent Category: If you would like this to be a sub-category then select the parent category here. Otherwise leave it set to none.
Description: This category is optional. We usually leave it blank.

Your completed category will then move to the table on the right. Sub-categories will appear below their parent.

You can then assign your posts categories within the post editor. In post setting on the right make sure “Document” is select. Then go to the “Category” section and select the category for your post. You may select as many categories as you would like.

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