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Schema Set-Up

Schema is a specific type of meta tagging that lets Google know certain information. These tags help Google present your information in search results in a way that makes it stand out.

Enabling Schema Categories

In your WordPress dashboard go to Acabado Settings > SEO.

Acabado has built-in schema features for these specific post types: Book Reviews, Product Reviews, Recipes, and Video Reviews.

You may choose to enable all or some of these by checking the box under each category. Acabado provides a default slug for each category. To change it, type your new slug in the corresponding text box. Cllick “Update” in the top right to save all changes.

Create Schema Content

Once enabled these special post types will show in the WordPress dashboard. You can create new schema enriched content by clicking “Add New” under the post type. DO NOT create these as new posts as you would with regular articles.

For example purposes, we’ll create a Product Review. Click Product Review > Add New Review. You’ll notice the editor appears very similar to traditional pages or posts, but now has specific SEO features below the content creation area.

Data added in these fields will show in your Google search allowing your post to stand out and provide better quality information to the user.

To add Product Images or Additional Brands, click Add New Row. Then select your image or fill in the information. You can remove rows by clicking the (-) sign to the right of the table.

When you are ready “Publish” your review!

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