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The One Click Demo Didn’t Work

I tried setting up my site using the One Click Demo, but it doesn’t look the way it is supposed to.

The “One Click Demo” will add demo content and generate the basic settings for your site.  However, it won’t completely setup the homepage for you.  You have to follow all the steps in the tutorials to finish setting up your site. One Click Demo is NOT essential to setting up your site. It is simply an option to jump start the setup process. Like any plugin, it may conflict with something on your site and not function as expected. If that happens you can easily set up your site without the One Click Demo by following all the tutorials in the Getting Started Support category.

Aug 2021 – Note: The current version of One Click Demo does not appear to be compatible with Acabado. We have received several reports of media content errors or features not loading. We currently recommend you do NOT use the Demo Import plugin and manually set up your homepage instead.

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