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Licensing FAQs

Do I Need to Purchase an Acabado License if I am a Project 24 Member?

Only if you want to. Project 24 members receive a license to Acabado valid for the duration of their subscription. However, if a member decides to cancel their subscription at any point they also forfeit the free Acabado license. For this reason many P24 members choose to also maintain a separate Acabado lifetime license. That said, if you are happy with the free member license provided, we are too!

Can I Upgrade My License?

Yes! We don’t currently have the option built in but if you Contact Support with your request they can help you.

Is There an Agency Licensing Option?

We do not offer agency licensing.  We ask that you purchase a separate Acabado license for each client. See our current licensing options here:

I am Selling a Website that I Built with Acabado. How Do I Transfer the Site without a License?

Let the buyer know that the site uses a premium theme and that they’ll need a license to use it. They can purchase a license at Then remove your email address from the Acabado Manager page and click “update”. This won’t break anything on the site, it will just prevent them from making any changes to Acabado settings or get future theme updates. Then the buyer can add their own license email address in Acabado Manager to get the full theme functionality back.

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