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General FAQ

Do I Need a Lazy Load Plugin for Images or Does Acabado Do This?

If you’re using ShortPixel, as recommended, you won’t need a lazy load plugin for your images.  Image loading is being optimized already by Acabado.


Can I Change My Favicon in Acabado?

Yes. See this article for instructions on adding and changing your favicon:

What Are the Favicon Dimensions?

Favicon images should be 40×40 pixels and formatted as a png or jpg.

Featured Images

Featured images are images that appear at the top of individual blog posts. These can be turned off or on in Acabado. The featured image also appears on the home page next to the new blog article.

We recommend a 3:2 aspect ratio for featured images at 1200 pixels wide or less.

Featured Tiles

Featured tiles are visual blocks used to showcase specific posts or categories. You can select how many tiles show and customize where they link.

Upload images sized exactly at 1200 pixels wide and 800 pixels high. Compressed versions will be automatically created in Acabado.

How Do I Add or Change My Featured Tiles?

Follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Hero Image

The Hero Image is the large focal image spanning the width of the frame directly below the logo and above the featured tiles.

Hero images should be sized exactly at 1200 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.


The logo appears along the top bar between the menu and search fields.

Optimal size for logo is 480 pixels in width and between 240 and 480 pixels in height.

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