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General Acabado FAQs

Why is it Called Acabado?

Acabado (pronounced “ah-cuh-bah-doe”) is Portuguese for “finished.” Our goal was to focus on the speed and clean design. Acabado makes it easy to do a site redesign in under 3 minutes. Boom. Finished!

The REAL reason, though, is that it’s just so fun to say.

Is Acabado Only for Project 24 Websites?

No. Acabado is built with the needs of Project 24 members in mind, but it can be used by anyone that wants wicked fast speed and minimal fuss.

Do You Use Acabado on Your Sites? Which Ones?

We use Acabado on every site except  We will possibly move Income School at a later date, but we have a lot of custom pages built using the Divi builder for our courses that we need to test out with Acabado first.  We recently sold many of our successful sites, but our current public sites running Acabado are:

I Have an Older Site. How Complicated Will the Transition Be?

It should be very painless, depending on how much customization your site has.  If you used a lot of shortcodes that are specific to your previous theme then you may end up with some broken features.  However, that will be the case with any theme you switch to.  But setting up Acabado on an existing site is generally very painless.

What is Your Refund Policy?

We understand that in order to really know if a WordPress theme is going to work for your site, you have to try it. That’s why for Acabado, we have a 30-day no questions asked refund policy.

When you purchase Acabado, you gain access to several tutorials, frequently asked support questions, and contact options for reporting bugs, reporting billing issues, and requesting a refund.

If you have purchased Acabado and have determined that you’d like a refund, you can log in and access the refund request form here.

How Can I Contact Support?

We do NOT offer one-to-one email support for TECHNICAL issues.  On average, 90% of the issues experienced are the result of incorrect set-up, conflicting plugins, or CSS customizations. We have provided a searchable knowledge base for support related questions and issues. Please use this as your first resource when you experience an issue. If you have reviewed the support area and believe your issue is a theme bug you can report it here.

We DO offer helpful one-to-one email support for billing or licensing issues. Fill out this form and someone will be in contact shortly.

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