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Stupid fast with SEO baked in, Acabado is the best theme for a websites with blogs.

More than 10,000 websites are using Acabado to power their blogs and make money.

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Cook for Folks
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Suggested By Locals
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Fish Tank Setups
Website homepage of Camper Report showing an article about alternative heat sources for RVs. The page includes a sidebar with links to articles about camping tips and RV news.
Camper Report

What makes Acabado the Perfect Blogging Theme for WordPress?

Stupid Fast

Acabado is designed to achieve a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing tool–without resorting to AMP.  Even with lots of images.  Even on mobile.*

SEO Built In

Remember that old SEO plugin you used to use?  It probably didn’t do as much as you thought it did.  We’ve loaded Acabado with SEO features including Schema.

Clean and Organized

Themes today all tout extensive customizability.  Acabado is the opposite.  You’ll have your site redesigned in 3 minutes and you can style your pages with Gutenberg.

Mobile First

Every theme nowadays has a responsive mobile design, but even though 65% of your web visitors will likely be on mobile, nearly all themes are still built with the desktop version first.

What do members say?

A person wearing a baseball cap smiles at the camera with a mountainous landscape in the background. The image is enclosed in a circular frame with a green and white border.


Tested the new theme on an old website that is not up to p24 code and hasn’t been touched for ages.  Wanted to get a feel of it prior to moving my current p24 site. The speed results are amazing!  Site went from Mobile 12 Desktop 48 to Mobile 92 Desktop 95. Yawzer it’s Freaky Fast!

A man holding a classical guitar over his shoulder, smiling and looking off to the side.


Just tried it with a young site of mine – load speed went from 69 to 97.  And it’s on Bluehost! Man that’s fast!

Person with short brown hair wearing a red top, with an out-of-focus background.


My mobile speed went from 39 to 99.  How is this even real?!  Incredible.  Thank you so much!

Simple Pricing

Our pricing options are simple: renew yearly, every 100 years, or free with your Project24 membership.


One-Year License

Get access and support for the best blogging theme for WordPress, automatically renewed each year.


One-Century License

Get access and support for the best blogging theme for WordPress for a lifetime. Also available for 3 monthly payments of $63.


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Get access and support for the best blogging theme for WordPress for as long as you’re a member of Project 24.

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