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Acabado Isn’t Updating

Acabado should update automatically as new versions are released. Occasionally, however, there may be something preventing the update.

Check Your License

Make sure you still have a valid license to Acabado. If your license has expired your theme will no longer update. Log in at to see your current account status.

NOTE: If you are running v1.2.4, Acabado will tell you your license has expired when it is not. Follow the clean install instructions below to update to v1.2.5

Do A Clean Install

If you’re trying to update the theme and the update fails, or you just get stuck on the version you had before, we suggest doing a clean install of Acabado on your site. Follow these instructions to Clean Install Acabado.

Check With Your Host

Some hosts block frequent connections or pings. See this article for more detail: Acabado License Keeps Deactivating

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