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Installing Acabado on a WordPress Site

There are a couple of REQUIRED steps to get Acabado running correctly on your site.  Please keep reading, even if you’re an experienced WordPress user!

Follow all tutorials listed below to ensure proper set-up. 

Before you install Acabado on your site, there’s two things you need to check!

FIRST: Make sure your site is updated to php version 7.3 or later.

SECOND: If you’re using a custom homepage (not the blog roll) you need to make sure that the slug for that page is not “home”.  If it is, it’ll be overwritten!  You don’t have to change the title, but you need to change the slug to literally anything but “home”.

Step 1: Download the Zip File

To install any premium theme on your site, first you’ll need a zip file.  This is a compressed folder containing all of the individual files that make up the theme.  If you didn’t get the Acabado zip file yet, go back to the downloads page and download it. 

Step 2: Upload the File to Your WordPress Dashboard

Log in to your site’s WordPress dashboard.  In the left column go to Appearance > Themes .

Along the top next to Theme, click “Add New”

Then Click “Upload Theme”

Then select “Choose File”. This will open a dialog box and allow you to select your zip file from the downloaded location on your computer. Select the file and click “Open”.

Once selected your file name should appear in the file box (Note: Your file name will be different from the one listed here depending on the version downloaded). Then click “Install”.

Once the file has completed uploading it will take you back to the Themes page on your dashboard (You can also navigate there by going to Appearance > Themes). The theme is currently installed but not Active on your website. Find Acabado and hover over until the options appear. Then click “Activate”.

Step 3: Activate Your License

The Acabado theme is now successfully installed on your WordPress site. However, in order to use the full theme functionality you will need to activate your purchased license with the theme. Read this tutorial for steps on how to do this.

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