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Using a Category as a Featured Tile

In some cases you may want to use an entire category rather than a single article as a featured tile.

Create Categories

Follow this tutorial to establish categories for your posts: Creating Post Categories . Mark any applicable posts with the appropriate category.

Find Your Category URL

Next you will need to identify your category URL. You may already know your permalink structure and slug, but if not you can find the exact category URL by going to Posts > Categories.

Hover over the desired category in the table listing of current categories and select “View”.

This will open your category in a new window. You should see all posts tagged with that category listed here. Grab the URL from the address bar of your internet browser.

Create Your Featured Tile

Then create your featured tile using the category above as the URL for your new featured tile. Find instructions to Add a Featured Tile in this tutorial: How Do I Change, Add, or Remove Featured Tiles?

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