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Updating to v1.2.7

For version 1.2.7 of Acabado, one of the updates was an improvement to the update process, which requires that this version actually be installed manually. To update to version 1.2.7, follow the steps in this brief tutorial.

About Button Link Search Box “The Results Could Not Be Loaded”

If you’re trying to link to a page on your site from the button in the “About Me” section of the sidebar, and you’re only getting this result… then this cause is likely a security rule that’s set and managed by your site’s host. Some hosts use ModSecurity, which is a firewall for web applications. […]

Show Updated Post Date

I want my post to show the date of the last edit instead of the original publish date. Can I do this? If you choose to show dates on your posts, Acabado can allow you to show the most recent edit date. To add this feature go to Acabado Settings in your WordPress dashboard. Check […]

Acabado Settings Disappeared

I am trying to make some updates to my site and the Acabado Settings area has disappeared! It is no longer showing on my WordPress dashboard. The Acabado Settings panel may disappear from your WordPress dashboard for one of the following reasons. 1: Your Theme License has Expired If your license has expired you’ll need […]

Cancel Your Acabado Subscription

If, at any time, you’d like to cancel your Acabado subscription, it’s easy to do by just following the steps in this video.  

Hero Image, Menu, Search, or other Acabado features not working

If you are seeing some Acabado features, such as the hero image, tiles, menu, search, even the footer not loading on your site AND if you are using Ezoic and their site speed accelerator, there’s a pretty good chance that this tutorial will help you resolve it. Ezoic’s site speed accelerator delays certain code on […]

Delete Old Acabado Versions

I recently installed a new theme and am trying to delete Acabado, but the theme won’t delete! I keep getting this message: Follow this video tutorial to remove these extra installs of previous versions.  

Delete Duplicate Acabado Installs

If you have updated Acabado and now have duplicate installs of Acabado on your themes page… this tutorial will help you remove the unwanted ones.  

Revert to a Previous Version

Sometimes, the newest version of Acabado may contain a bug that we missed, but that really affects your site. First, make sure you report the bug to us using this form. Then, you’ll probably want to revert back to the previous version of the theme that didn’t have that bug, at least for now. This […]

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