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Hero Image, Menu, Search, or other Acabado features not working

If you are seeing some Acabado features, such as the hero image, tiles, menu, search, even the footer not loading on your site AND if you are using Ezoic and their site speed accelerator, there’s a pretty good chance that this tutorial will help you resolve it. Ezoic’s site speed accelerator delays certain code on […]

Delete Old Acabado Versions

I recently installed a new theme and am trying to delete Acabado, but the theme won’t delete! I keep getting this message: Follow this video tutorial to remove these extra installs of previous versions.  

Delete Duplicate Acabado Installs

If you have updated Acabado and now have duplicate installs of Acabado on your themes page… this tutorial will help you remove the unwanted ones.  

Revert to a Previous Version

Sometimes, the newest version of Acabado may contain a bug that we missed, but that really affects your site. First, make sure you report the bug to us using this form. Then, you’ll probably want to revert back to the previous version of the theme that didn’t have that bug, at least for now. This […]

External Link Icon

What is this icon appearing next to all my links? Can I remove it? External link icons were added in v1.2.0. It includes the alt tags to allow screen readers for the visually impaired to appropriately read the site and where the link goes. You can removes these icons from your site in Acabado Settings […]

Social Media Icons

How do I add or remove social media icons at the bottom of my posts? Social Media Icons can be added by going to Acabado Settings > Social Media in your WordPress Dashboard. To add an icon select it from the dropdown. To remove click the small x listed to the left of the icon. […]

Google AMP

The “” does not show URL as AMP. How does this impact SEO with Google? Acabado doesn’t use AMP.  The point is that Acabado loads as fast as or faster than AMP pages, but with full functionality.  This doesn’t hurt SEO but dramatically improves ad earnings.

Add or Remove a Schema Category

I don’t use Book Reviews on my site. Can I remove this category? I removed a category and would now like to re-add it. How can I do this? You can enable or disable any schema categories you don’t need in Acabado Settings > SEO. Just check to enable or uncheck to disable the corresponding […]

Bold Formatting Issues

I am experiencing strange formatting issues on my site. Sometimes the side bar and the footer appear bold and other times its not. Bold formatting may also appear in my post excerpts or within posts. This issue could be caused by a couple of reasons. Read on below to see if either provides a solution […]

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