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Cornerstone Licensing is Not Working With Acabado

I perviously had XTheme on my site and now I want to replace it with the Acabado theme. I successfully activated it but suddenly, my Cornerstone license is not working anymore. 

As far as licensing goes, X Theme made some changes it so that Cornerstone is tied in to X Theme.  This didn’t used to be the case, meaning you could change your theme and keep Cornerstone and not lose any page layouts.  Now, when you deactivate X Theme, Cornerstone may no longer works as a stand alone plugin.  All that said, Acabado is currently only compatible with Divi and Elementor pagebuilders.  We’ll add more in the future, but for now if you want to keep your Cornerstone designs, Acabado won’t be compatible.

You can request compatible future updates here: Acabado Feature Requests

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