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Acabado Settings Disappeared

I am trying to make some updates to my site and the Acabado Settings area has disappeared! It is no longer showing on my WordPress dashboard.

The Acabado Settings panel may disappear from your WordPress dashboard for one of the following reasons.

1: Your Theme License has Expired

If your license has expired you’ll need to renew your license to continue using the theme and make changes in Acabado Settings. Likewise, if you are purchasing a site that has previously used Acabado, you will need to purchase a license to use and edit the theme settings. Head over to for the latest pricing and license options.

2: Your Theme Needs to Validate Your License Again

Occasionally, an update or failed routine license ping may cause your theme to deactivate. You” need to add your license email to reactivate it. Try going to “Acabado Manager” and type in your email again. Then click the “Activate” button to validate.

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