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About Button Link Search Box “The Results Could Not Be Loaded”

If you’re trying to link to a page on your site from the button in the “About Me” section of the sidebar, and you’re only getting this result…

The results could not be loaded

then this cause is likely a security rule that’s set and managed by your site’s host.

Some hosts use ModSecurity, which is a firewall for web applications. It’s deployed on the server at your host and is meant to monitor and filter information communications based on a set of rules. One of those rules, conflicts with this functionality in Acabado.

Most hosts run an entirely different firewall application that doesn’t have this rule that conflicts with Acabado. But some hosts, like WPX, use ModSecurity and have this conflict with Acabado.

The solution is to open a chat or submit a ticket with your host and request that they “whitelist mod_security rule [id “2500182”]”. You can tell them that if they check the error logs, they’ll see the error you need to prevent and it will look like this… “mod_security rule [id “2500182”] at [/opt/apache24/httpd/modsecurity.d/activated_rules/slr_rules.conf:1989] triggered!”

After they whitelist that ModSecurity rule, the About Button Link search box will work as it should.

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